Jet-Pro SofStretch

Jet-Pro SofStretch

We added Jet-Pro SofStretch to our to our well-known Alpha brand heat transfer papers to provide a heat transfer paper that has as soft a feel (hand) as is possible.

The paper also leaves very little residue on the garment in untrimmed areas (especially after washing) so is also our best paper to apply lettering to white T-shirts. However, we should caution you that “very little” does not mean totally “invisible”. The discerning eye can still see and feel it. It’s just the best that we have seen for this purpose (the noticeable line around the lettering in the close-up picture is from the paper edge, not the film).

The Jet-Pro SofStretch heat transfer paper also has a certain amount of “stretch” (when peeled hot) so it also resists cracking when washed. It also does not “flake” at all, as some of the expensive specialty ink and papers do.

With all the upside to this paper, you may wonder if there is any downside in using it for your white T-shirts.

There are potentially two. First, while the printed colors are nice, they are totally flat. If you are decorating shirts with photographs, a great number of customers will prefer a slight “photographic sheen” like that produced with our Alpha Double Green paper.

Second, while Jet-Pro SofStretch has very good wash ability, and retains color very well, it is still not quite as good as our Alpha brand heat transfer papers for whites (currently there is no effective paper for colored fabrics in the “soft” line).