Mug Wraps

Mug Wraps

Mug wraps are an economical alternative to mug press machines.

The advantage of the HIX WRAP is its innovative clasping technology. No other mug wrap on the market is as easy to apply or remove as the HIX WRAP. No tools are required which meens no more fumbling with awkward closing mechanisms that require 3 hands.


  • Near perfect mugs are not required.
  • You can do a top-to-bottom image nearly all the way around the mug.
  • To increase production you simply add more wraps.
  • You can use nearly any size oven.


  • Mug wraps wear out and need to be replaced periodically.
  • Cook time is much greater than a mug press so small runs are not economical.
  • Setting up a mobile operation is very tricky.
  • HIX Mug Wraps

    HIX Mug Wraps


    The HMWIII is an economical way to start mug production in your home or business; create high quality, top to bottom, handle to handle mugs. One mug at a time not fast enough? Then HIX Mug Wraps are what you need. Produced with the highest quality rubber...