Tools & Accessories

Tools & Accessories

Every tool on this page provides efficiency or backup safety. Some are so cheap, such as vinyl weeding tools, that it’s almost silly to not have them. Others are not cheap but still a good idea.

After 43 years in business, the one thing that we know for sure is that, “bad things never happen at a good time”. Just glance at this page, to remember what is available, when you need it.

Not having a replacement cutter blade is similar to driving a long trip, without a spare tire. Graphtec blades do occasionally break and sooner or later they all get dull. Spare Graphtec vinyl cutter parts is cheap insurance. A spare is cheap insurance.

  • scrapper


    Use the Silhouette scraper to apply transfer paper to vinyl artwork, smooth adhesive to temporary tattoo paper, and scrape cutting mats clean.
  • Hobby Knife with Safety Cap

    We include this kit, free, with all new Graphtec cutters. It is a single high quality cutting knife holder with two XACTOÂ? type XB-7E blades, and a handy pointed weeding tool. It comes with a safety cap in a plastic tube.
  • Needle Nose Tweezers

    Single set of high quality stainless steel tweezers. These are perfect for picking and weeding small, enclosed details, like inside an Â?AÂ?. The tweezers are packaged in a plastic tube.
  • Spatula

    The Silhouette spatula is the perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing. The pointed tip makes it easy to slide under cutout designs and work around the most intricate shapes.
  • Weeding Tool - Ball Tip

    Unique vinyl weeding/masking film stripping tool, with a ball tip point that will not damage clear film substrates. This tool is perfect for Â?liftingÂ? the corner of a cut vinyl sheet, in preparation to weeding the entire sheet. The tool is...
  • Super Weeding Tool

    This tool has a curved pointed tip and a non-slip yellow poly handle that will allow you to weed out the smalest image. Tool is packaged in a plastic tube for easy storage.
  • Silhouette $10 download card

    Silhouette America

    $10 Silhouette design download card

    This physical card gives you access to thousands of cuttable images found on the Silhouette Online Store and makes a great gift. These download cards ship via normal postal services.
  • Silhouette America

    Silhouette replacment blade

    This replacement blade is compatible with all Silhouette electronic cutting tools. Contains one blade and instructions for its installation.(Not compatible with the discontinued blade pin SILH-BLADE-R2).