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Heat Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper

High-Quality Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper and Supplies

The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the different inkjet heat transfer paper types we carry at Alpha Supply Company. Different types of heat transfer paper produce different effects and are used for different reasons. As high-quality heat transfer paper suppliers, and in our quest to be a resource to new and old graphic imprinters, we seek to impart an understanding of the different applications of heat transfer paper that we supply.  

For 22 years, we had a retail shop where we made excellent shirts and caps—so we know the importance of offering good-looking products. As discerning heat transfer paper suppliers, we only carry high-quality heat transfer paper. 

Here you will find our selection of inkjet heat transfer paper. What we have found is that certain brands of color laser printer heat transfer paper lack a consistency of quality—this is not the case when it comes to our high-quality heat transfer paper. We want to send you printing solutions, not problems. 

Browse our inkjet transfer paper today or give us a call, 615-833-5910, if you have any questions!