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TransMagic! Transfer Ink

TransMagic! Transfer Ink

TransMagic! Heat Transfer Inks

For Select Epson Printers

In T-shirt transfer printing the type of ink that you use is more important than the printer!

Yes, you read that correctly. The type of ink that you use is more important than which specific brand or type of printer that you use.

While some store-bought regular inks print OK heat transfers, all of them share one trait: none of them were actually made for heat transfers. They are all made just to produce nice documents and photographs, which will never be put in a washer.

This fact led us on our quest for superior T-shirt heat transfer ink for printing heat transfers. The following is about our T-shirtTransMagic!™ Inks; what they are and why we are confident you will love them.

The upside to being picky is that high quality gets you a lot of happy customers. The downside (a little bit anyway) is that you can spend a lot of time and money before you are totally satisfied. That was our story in developing our inks and delivery systems.

We lost count of the different inks we tested in developing our TransMagic!™ Inks brand. One ink would wash well but the color was off. Another had great color but it changed when heated. Another printed well but lost too much color in the wash. On and on.

Our TransMagic!™ Inks brand is the result of slightly over a year in testing, tweaking, fussing and occasionally pulling our hair out. We’re glad that we did. We can proudly present our TransMagic!™ Inks as the equal of our well-known Alpha brand heat transfer papers.

TransMagic!™ Inks provide...

  • Very bright, vibrant colors
  • Guaranteed superior washability
  • Colors not affected by the heat press
  • Color profiled for superior color matching
  • Chemically designed to not clog your printer
  • Cheap printing costs, compared to regular inks

The Rest Of The Story That You Need To Know

Our little secret – TransMagic!™ Inks are a combination of inks and technologies. When it became clear that no one ink manufacturer could provide every benefit that we wanted, we started testing combinations.

As we tested combinations we also experimented with a few of our own additives (our own little "secret ingredients"). We won't pretend that the road was smooth or without dead-end streets. However, because of persistence (or just plain stubbornness) we finally got to what we now call the "Halleluiah Day". TransMagic!™ Inks were a reality ready for our customers.

We now offer several versions of TransMagic!™ Inks, each slightly different, to work in current Epson printers. Each ink is slightly different to optimize print quality of that specific printer.

Our TransMagic!™ Inks also work in some older Epson printers (see the list on the next page).

Four reasons to use TransMagic!™ inks

TransMagic!™ Inks - They work perfectly on our Alpha Double Green JetPro SofStretch, Alpha Purple Cold and Alpha Gold Darkheat transfer papersTransMagic!™ Inks were used to print all vinyl t-shirt transfers on this site. They should work with other brands of heat transfer papers but we have done no testing to support that idea and offer no guarantees. Our inks and paper work on cotton, 50/50 cotton blends and canvasses. You should note that some canvass is just too rough, to produce good heat transfers.

TransMagic!™ heat transfer ink for printing heat transfers are much cheaper than buying regular cartridges for any printer because our ink is sold in bulk bottles. For example, in a store, 1 black C-88 ink cartridge (that only holds about 14 mils of ink) currently costs about $21.19. One refill bottle of our black TransMagic!™ ink for the C-88 only costs $29.95 and holds 125 mils. The math is pretty simple; average savings on inks costs is about 85%.

Because of high quality and low cost, we have many who also buy it for just regular printing…

Printing on photo paper – All Six versions of TransMagic!™ Inks print outstanding photographs.

Printing on regular paper – We printed on just about every type of regular paper that we could find. All produced really excellent results. We have many customers who buy our ink, just to print documents. In fact, some of our Beta test sites (a few companies that tested with us during our trials and slapped us down when it wasn’t right) felt like the colors were better than regular ink cartridges. That’s their opinion, but we make no such claim.

Having superior heat transfer ink for printing heat transfers TransMagic!™ T-shirt ink does you no good, unless you havesomething to put it in (regular cartridges can’t be refilled). The next page details our MagicFlow!™ CIS bulk ink delivery units for Epson printers. Together, they provide the highest quality and cheapest cost per print of anything that we have been able to find.