Small Label Presses

Small Label Presses

  • DK8 Bottom heated platen

    Geo Knight

    DK8/8T Bottom Heat Fixture

    A bottom heated 6" x 8" platen pedestal is available for the DK8 and DK8T. The separately controlled heat pedestal slides right into the position the standard table is located, and provides a bottom heated platen for the DK8 or DK8T. This is...
  • Geo Knight

    DK8 6x8 Label Press

    The Digital Knight clamshell heat presses feature a state-of-the-art control system and heavy-duty solid steel welded framework. These machines boasts a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, and an unprecedented 3-year warranty on the heat-control...
  • Geo Knight

    DK8T 6x8 Twin Label Press

    DK8T Digital Knight 6x8 Twin Label Press The DK8T Twin label press is a 6x8 small platen heat press with a high productivity design. The head pivots back and forth between the two pedestals effortlessly. While one side is pressing, the user is able to...
  • DK-8 heat press DK-8 heat press

    Geo Knight

    DK8 with Bottom Heated Platen

    DK8 plus bottom heated platen Digital Knight 6x8 Label Press The DK8 label press is a 6x8 small platen heat press. This machine is very popular for label printing and small transfer & applique sealing. If your image area is less than 8 inches, and...
  • Geo Knight

    DC8 6" x 8" Digital Combo Heat Press

    Digital Combo 6x8 The Digital Combo multipurpose swing-away heat press is also available in a 6"x 8" label size. The DC8 features all of the interchangeability and design of the DC16, but in a smaller 6"x8" format heat platen and bottom table...
  • Geo Knight

    DC8AP 6" x 8" Automatic Digital Combo

    6" x 8" Automatic Digital Combo The Digital Combo DC8AP is an air operated, automatic 6x8 label sized swing-away heat press with optional interchangeable heat platens and tables. The smooth automatic pressing and pushbutton activation provides a...