Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation Blanks



Sublimatable Pre-Adhesive Plastics, Flexible Magnet Material, MouseMATES, mugMATES and placeMATES

Try our MATES sublimation media, and you'll be "stuck" on them for their ease-of-fabrication and versatility. MATES come in several sizes and finishes, and are great for just about any application!

MATES is a flexible, sublimatable, pre-adhesive plastic material that is ideal for electronic, appliance and computer labeling; recreational; automotive & aviation applications; signage, name plates, control panels; awards, promotional products; point of purchases & packaging.

All Constructed with an attractive high gloss surface, sublimatable mouseMATES, mugMATES, & placeMATES, produce images with brilliant color and clarity. They feature a flexible rubber backing that keeps them from shifting. Their durable, washable, and dry-erasable surface will provide a long product life. They can also be used with thermal ink transfer systems.

Mates can be attached to almost any substrate,  so they’re a great option for the occasions when you want to sublimate an item that wouldn’t otherwise be suitable for sublimation.  In addition to white,  the Mates product is also available in clear,  brushed sliver,  brushed gold, brite gold and prism.