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Alpha Double Red

Alpha Double Red

Alpha Double Red Heat Transfer Paper

The name Alpha Double Red has been around for years and has a reputation of having a vibrant look and soft feel or hand. A recent change in the coating process now gives us a choice in the look and feel of the finished transfer.

Alpha Double Red has been re-designed as a “cool” peel paper to accomplish two very different looks on the finished product. It can have either a smooth semi-gloss finish or a flat matte finish depending on how you decide to apply it. Both methods will leave behind a crisp and vibrant reproduction of the image you want to print.

Alpha Double Red still has the most vibrant color reproduction of any paper on the market and together with the new low price we think it will become a valuable asset to your business.

Alpha Double Red is best suited for heat press applications but it can be used as an iron-on paper as well.

Vinyl Cutter Option - The Alpha Double Red heat transfer paper can also be easily cut with a vinyl cutter plotter. This allows graphics and lettering to be cut out and applied to white shirts. "How Is That Done?NOTE- Most heat transfer paper for white shirts can NOT be easily cut with a vinyl cutter.