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Transfer Paper

Heat Transfer Paper

As you continue your tour, teaching you about the heat transfer business, this page guides you through understanding the different heat transfer paper types. Different types of heat transfer paper produce different effects and are used for different reasons. Totally understanding applications of heat transfer paper from Alpha Supply Co. increases your opportunities.

Because we are so picky about what we sell, we only offer high quality heat transfer paper, what we think is the "pick of the litter".

We made shirts and caps for 22 years in our former retail shop and know the importance of offering good-looking products.

However, we still want to emphasize that while our paper is of the highest quality it is still just a heat transfer paper. This means that the film covers the entire sheet. What you don't trim off will go on the garment and you can see it; some more, some less.

About Color Laser Copier & Color Laser Printer Heat Transfer Paper

Because of constant manufacturer quality control problems and the over-all stiffness of the final product on the shirt, we have decided to offer heat transfer paper for inkjet printers only.

The main problem is consistency from one paper lot to the next. On a good day, prints from CLC and CLP systems are OK. On a bad day the prints are a nightmare to use.

Actually, nightmare is a bit of an understatement on the papers offered for Color Laser Printers. All too often, the fusers in laser printers melt the heat transfer paper and it sticks to the fuser. What’s worse is the fact that even if it doesn’t melt it instantly, small particles of the film can build up on the fuser, requiring frequent fuser replacement.

We want to send you printing solutions, not problems.

Heat Transfer Samples

We offer several sampler packs that includes our best heat transfer papers with free USPS shipping included for as little as $5.00.