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Product Info

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Profitable full color and single color laser sublimation for the gold and silver metal, used by award, sign and specialty shops
Inkjet Sublimation
Inkjet sublimation for polyester
fabrics, mugs, mousepads, license plates, tiles, ceramic plates, caps, FR plastics and much more.
Sublimation Library
An archive of our published sublimation business newsletters, magazine and web articles
Heat Transfers
Heat transfer paper for 100% cotton fabrics (including black) using standard inks and inkjet printers
Sublimation Business
An overview of single color
sublimation and how many profit with their creative ideas
For Sign Shops
Awards and sign sublimation and business ideas about how it benefits sign shops

Our Heat Press Web Sites

Knight Heat Presses
Swing-away and large format heat transfer and sublimation heat presses
The Tile Master
The world's only heat press designed for high volume tile imprinting production
Mug Presses
Pricing and comparisons of the three top ranked full-wrap mug presses
HIX Heat Presses
Clamshell heat transfer and sublimation heat presses