• Graphtec

    CE6000-60 24" cutter

    CE6000-60 24" vinyl cutter Free weeding tool Quick start manual Cutter blade Roll-medium tray Power cord Two year warranty from Graphtec Graphtec Studio Stand for the...
  • Graphtec

    Graphtec 1.5mm Vinyl Cutting Blades

    This specialty blade is useful if you are cutting a lot of rhinestone stencils or vinyl flock. It must be used only with the Red Tip blade holder (PHP32-CB15N-HS). The extra thick blade and very...
  • Graphtec

    Graphtec FCX-2000 series

    FCX2000-120VC | FLATBED CUTTER | 47.2 x 36 Graphtec FCX 2000 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotters w/ ARMS 6.0 The FCX2000 flatbed cutter is the ultimate solution for prototyping and small production...
  • Graphtec

    Graphtec FXC-4000 series

    Available in a choice of two sizes (the FCX4000-50ES and FCX4000-60ES), the machines have respective cutting areas of 660 x 488mm and 976 x 660mm, an identical cutting force of 600gf and a maximum...
  • Graphtec Optima V250


    Graphtec Optima V250

    Optima V250 Series | 48" X 96" CUT AREA | 3/4" THICKNESSTwin Head Digital Cutting Machine. The Optima V250 flatbed cutting plotter, with its high precision, robust mechanics and...
  • Graphtec

    Graphtec Pro Studio PLUS - Software

    Introducing Graphtec's new Pro Studio Plus software! This program, which replaces the older Studio and i-Designer software, is made by Flexi and hosts a number of new features over the older program...
  • Graphtec

    Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheet

    A carrier sheet has a Â?stickyÂ? area on it and is used to firmly hold heat transfer paper during outline cutting. To give you a better visual, we have placed an Alpha Gold Dark heat...