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Heat Press Machines

Heat Press Machines

Heat Transfer Press Machines and Supplies 

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At Alpha Supply Co., we believe in offering only the best when it comes to heat transfer press machines and supplies used for t-shirts and more.  We are proud to say most of our heat press machines are Made in the USA!  

For that reason, we became distributors for the top manufacturers of heat press machines, including HIX, Geo Knight, Stahls, Insta Graphic, and ShirtMate. We even have a rotating selection of pre-owned heat transfer presses for sale.  

Heat transfer press machines are used for applying heat transfer vinyl to non-synthetic fabrics. Heat transfer presses can be used with different colors. When the heat transfer press is used, it allows the heat-sensitive adhesive to affix to your fabric of choice. 

Choosing heat transfer machines is a difficult task since each one represents a large investment. If you’re not sure which one is best suited to your needs, we recommend reading our "Choosing a Heat Press" page to help you make a good choice.