Heat Press Machines

Heat Press Machines

Heat Transfer Press Machines and Supplies 

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At Alpha Supply Co., we believe in offering only the best when it comes to heat transfer press machines and supplies used for t-shirts and more.  We are proud to say most of our heat press machines are Made in the USA!  

For that reason, we became distributors for the top manufacturers of heat press machines, including HIX, Geo Knight, Stahls, and ShirtMate. We even have a rotating selection of pre-owned heat transfer presses for sale.  

Heat transfer press machines are used for applying heat transfer vinyl to non-synthetic fabrics. Heat transfer presses can be used with different colors. When the heat transfer press is used, it allows the heat-sensitive adhesive to affix to your fabric of choice. 

Choosing heat transfer machines is a difficult task since each one represents a large investment. If you’re not sure which one is best suited to your needs, we recommend reading our "Choosing a Heat Press" page to help you make a good choice. 


  • Teflon coated pad cover


    16x20 Teflon Upper Platen Protector

    16x20 Teflon Pad Protector. Protects upper heat platen from wear and stains. Allows smooth movement for positioning product and transfer. Provides a non-sticking, easily cleaned work surface.
  • Teflon

    Teflon Lower Platen Protector 16" x 20"

    Reduce the wear and tear on your expensive platen pad. Easy slip on design. No-static cling - easy garment loading and unloading. Supports better performance by enhancing even heat distribution. A must-have for customers using laser transfer paper...
  • Tee Square It!

    Beginners and even the experienced can benefit from using the heat transfer alignment tool Tee Square It™. This simple to use heat transfer alignment tool takes all the guesswork out of lining up your transfer correctly every time. The video below...
  • Hix Hobbylite


    Hobby Lite swing-away heat press 9" x 12"

    The SwingMan Hobby Lite is the perfect low-cost heat press for imaging items such as ceramic tile, mouse pads, plaques, coasters, shirts, and more. The 9″ x 12″ surface and economical price make it the number one press for small business,...
  • HIX

    HIX Mug Wraps

    The HMWIII is an economical way to start mug production in your home or business; create high quality, top to bottom, handle to handle mugs. One mug at a time not fast enough? Then HIX Mug Wraps are what you need. Produced with the highest quality rubber...
  • HT-600 touch


    HT-600 Manual Heat Press 16" x 20"

    The HIX HT-600 Clamshell Press ensures that your larger heat transfer impressions are perfect from edge to edge. With a larger 16” x 20” platen surface, you’ll be capable of handing those transfers that require more surface area. Built...
  • HT-400 heat press


    HT-400 Manual Heat Press 15" x 15"

    The graphics industry calls this machine “The Workhorse” for good reason – the HIX HT-400 Clamshell Press is rugged, durable, and made to perform. A must-have for any serious start-up business, the HIX HT-400 has earned respect for its...
  • Teflon coated pad cover


    15x15 Teflon Upper Platen Protector

    MSRP: $44.00
    15x15 Teflon Pad Protector. Protects upper platen from wear and stains. Allows smooth movement for positioning product and transfer. Provides a non-sticking, easily cleaned work surface.
  • S-650 Heat press


    S-650 Auto Open Heat Press 16" x 20"

    Get the coverage your designs need with the HIX S-650 auto-open clamshell heat press. This outstanding press opens automatically without the need of an air compressor. It’s the perfect press for high traffic, high volume, and increased productivity...