Plastisol Number Transfers

Uniform Numbers

Uniform Numbers

Plastisol Uniform Numbers

What They Are - Plastisol is a particular type of ink that is screen printed onto a special type of paper.

When plastisol transfers are laid on a garment and both are heated, in a heat press, the ink becomes very sticky. In fact, it becomes so sticky that when the paper back is pulled off the transfer, only the ink remains.

This is how almost all preprinted transfers are produced and what we used to number our shirts.

How They Are Used - The black and white 6" and 8" plastisol numbers are used on uniforms, jerseys, jackets, and other garments where large numbers are needed. While heat transfer numbers are not armor plated, they are very durable.

How It Works - There are heat press assorted numbers per pack (see actual count below) or individual numbers with . Just simply select the numbers that you want, place them on the garment and heat press.

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