Swing Away Heat Presses

Swing Away Heat Presses

  • Hix Hobbylite


    Hobby Lite swing-away heat press 9" x 12"

    The SwingMan Hobby Lite is the perfect low-cost heat press for imaging items such as ceramic tile, mouse pads, plaques, coasters, shirts, and more. The 9″ x 12″ surface and economical price make it the number one press for small business,...
  • HIX

    Swingman15 15x15 manual heat press

    The HIX SwingMan 15 heat press is perfect for start-up, small, or mobile shops who are intent on high quality impressions and reliable equipment for the sublimation market. The SwingMan 15 offers the ability to do garment transfers ranging from youth to...
  • HIX

    Swingman20 E analog

    The HIX SwingMan 20E will go to work for you. Like your most trusted employee, this machine is designed to provide high performance with a long lifespan. The SwingMan 20E is the best in its class for a 16″ x 20″ platen surface and is the...
  • Swingman 20P


    Swingman 20 16x20 Heat Press

    Totally integrated digital time and temperature. Turn the heat press on and easily set the temperature (with the press open) on the integrated touch-screen controller. When the press reaches the pre-set temperature (max is 450º), it maintains this...
  • Swingman 25P Swingman 25P Open


    Swingman25 20x25 swing away heat press

    Go for it! Apply an astounding 1200 lbs of downward force and transfer images in excess of 19” x 24” in one pressing. The HIX SwingMan 25 features a huge 20” x 25” swing-away heat platen that meets the needs of any commercial...
  • HIX

    Swingman 20 Twin

    The HIX SwingMan 20 Twin heat transfer machine is our answer to the burgeoning sublimation and specialty transfer industry. This heavy-duty swing-away press features the innovative dual lower platen system that is interchangeable with smaller or custom...
  • HIX

    SwingMan 25 Twin

    Now you have ability to produce large garments, and do it quickly! With the SwingMan 25 Twin you are ready to handle any job and deadline. The SwingMan 25 Twin is the same as the SwingMan 20 Twin, except that it has a larger heat platen and two lower...