DTF Cleaning Solution

DTF Cleaning Solution 170ml or 1000ml

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TransMagic! DTF printhead cleaning solution - 160ml or 1000ml - is the professionals choice for ultimate clog reduction and cleaning.  

This ultra powerful printhead cleaner is ideal for periodic cleaning and overnight or extended soaking.  It will maintain the longevity of your expensive printheads.  

Commercial Grade Cleaning Agent: The cleaning solution is designed to dissolve and remove ink residue, dried ink, and other contaminants that can accumulate on the printhead over time. It helps restore optimal ink flow and prevent clogs, ensuring consistent and high-quality prints.

Low odor: Extra powerful cleaning properties, yet still gentle on the printhead. It is manufactured to rigorous standards to effectively clean without harming the printhead's delicate components.

Versatile Usage: The TransMagic! Cleaning Solution can be used for regular cleaning as well as soaking. Regular cleaning helps maintain the printhead's performance. Always remember to fill the printhead caps before shutting down your DTF printer for the night!  

Convenient Sizes: The large 160ml bottle provides an ample amount of cleaning solution for multiple cleaning sessions.  The extra large 1000ml bottle is perfect for large shops with multiple DTF machines. 

Secret Tip: Mix with distilled water for mid print wiping of the printheads.  Also try heating the mixture and using it to flush stubborn clogs.  The hot water will make it even more effective! Be sure to turn the power off first!  Never get the electronic wet!   

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