Graphtec Optima V250

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  • Graphtec Optima V250
  • Graphtec Optima V250


Optima V250 Series | 48" X 96" CUT AREA | 3/4" THICKNESS
Twin Head Digital Cutting Machine. 

The Optima V250 flatbed cutting plotter, with its high precision, robust mechanics and reasonable starting price, is the answer for all applications in offset/digital printing industries, display and packaging market and apparel and leather industry. Its the ideal solution for short/medium runs of die cutting, prototyping, furnishings creation, textile/cardboard patterns cut and much more.

The Optima V250 is equipped with two configurable tool stations, independent and modular, to prevent interruption during the work cycle. The independent twin heads can be easily adjusted to various heights depending on the blade length and type. This ensures that you achieve the highest quality and cutting precision for all materials. 

- Creasing Tool

With various wheels to crease folding carton and corrugated cardboard.
- Tangential Cutting Tool 
Precise Multi Depth cutting tool for materials up to 3mm in thickness.
- Oscillating/Vibrating Cutting Tool 
Powerful pneumatic vibrating tool for cutting various strengths of materials up to 20mm (0.78”) 

The Optima V250, with a combined vacuum assisted table and a new fold-away clamping system, provides incomparable working flexibility over a wide range of materials and unparalleled accuracies to meet today’s production challenges.

The Optima V250 can be used effectively on a wide range of materials:
- Rigid material such as vinyl and PVC
- Rubber & Crystal Decoration Stickers
- Foam-board and Gator-board
- Honeycomb, Corrugated, Folding and Fluted Cardboard
- Textiles and Leather
- Polymer plates for in-line varnishing, for spot or flood coating

OPTICROP (Optical Crop Mark Detection)
The Optima V comes as standard with a camera for crop mark detection. This device, used in combination with optional software OptiCrop, can perform accurate contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed media even with print-distorted materials. Supported by included Adobe Illustrator® or CorelDraw® plug-in for Windows OS, along with various RIP manufacturer support including SAI, Caldera, and upcoming ONYX support release. 

V-STUDIO (Included Software for the PC with Windows OS)
V-Studio is the Valiani Operating Software which allows the artwork preparation, file conversion and the .PLT, .SVG (i.e. Illustrator® and Corel Draw®) vector file importation. Conceived to expand all Valiani machines capabilities provides to the end users specific applications for different industries. A CAD for mount-board creation, a packaging design application and a crop marks detection camera utility compose the Valiani Software Suite. The tools/material database as well as the working process are managed by dedicated apps, all of them designed to make the work flow faster and guide operators step by step.

M3 PACKAGING CREATOR (Optional Software for the PC with Windows OS)
M3 is the optional software for the packaging industry, which can be integrated with all Valiani machines. M3 provides an archive of 500 parametric designs for folding carton and corrugated cardboard. The ECMA and FEFCO international codes are fully featured, accompanied by other custom structures widely used in the industry. The 3D Presenter is the environment for virtual prototyping of packaging and POP/POS displays through realistic 3D modeling is available at extra cost.


Maximum speed: 430mm | 17” per sec..

Pneumatic pressure: 6 Bar/90 PSI

Electrical requirements: Single phase 220V/50Hz/16A power required

Max cutting thickness capability: 20 mm | .78"  (with oscillating tool head)

Connectivity: USB 2.0

Data Buffer: External PC (Not Included)

File Formats: .SVG and .PTL (or RIP Supported workflows)

Number of Tools: 2 Slots

Tool Change: Manual (less than 20 seconds)

Media Hold Down System: Pneumatic clamping and air suction system)


Cutting Area:  48.42”x 98.42” (1230 x 2500 mm)

Machine Dimensions: 72"W x 118.5"D x 47.2" H

Weight: 640 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 1500lbs



Optima cutting machine, Creasing Tool, Tangental Cutting Tool, Oscillating Cutting Tool, Vacuum Pump, Base, V-Studio Software, OptiCrop Optical Crop Reading System. Manuals, Manufacturers Warranty.

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