Graphtec FXC-4000 series

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Available in a choice of two sizes (the FCX4000-50ES and FCX4000-60ES), the machines have respective cutting areas of 660 x 488mm and 976 x 660mm, an identical cutting force of 600gf and a maximum cutting speed of 750mm/sec. Both cutting plotters are supplied with a range of accessories as standard. These include a high-quality steel cutting blade, water-based fibre-tipped pen and a creasing/scoring tool that will enable jobs to be cut and creased from the reverse of the sheet being processed to avoid damage to the printed surface. Graphtec’s latest own-brand Graphtec Pro Studio and Cutting Master 4 design and production software programs are also included as part of the package.

As with the FCX2000 cutting plotter, the FCX4000 comes with Version 6.0 of Graphtec’s proprietary ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing) system for optimum plotting and cutting accuracy. Other key design features include an ability to run off a USB key using a barcode system and networked or run via a USB directly from a PC. Design features and user benefits that are new to the FCX4000 series include dual configuration to enable perforation cutting/creasing on the curve, offline cutting operation using the USB memory, a facility to monitor cutting blade wear and data management using the barcode function.

The FCX4000 will handle a wide range of media in various thicknesses. This includes self-adhesive fluorescent/reflective vinyl up to 0.2mm, heavy paper/board up to 0.5mm, compressed foamed sheet up to 0.8mm, cardboard up to 1.5mm, high-density reflective film up to 1.0mm and sandblast resist rubber up to 1.0mm. The FCX4000 is also compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and complies with all relevant CE safety and performance standards.

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