Alpha Gold Dark

Alpha Gold Dark

Alpha Gold Dark Heat Transfer Paper

This high quality heat transfer paper is specifically designed to print transfers to apply to dark colored fabric, including black, using an inkjet printer.

It has taken us a long time (working with a major paper mill) to get a superior “opaque” transfer paper that we could comfortably label as “Alpha Gold”. It has been worth the time and effort.

Alpha Gold Dark is a "single-step" paper, but this refers to the actual printing. The paper produces excellent results but does require more time (as compared to the speed of applying transfers to white garments) to apply correctly.

The image is printed on the white background (without reversing or flipping), trimmed, lifted off the paper backing and then placed on the garment, printed side up. A piece of parchment paper (provided with the Alpha Gold Dark) is then placed over the transfer (as a cover sheet, to protect the heater block) and the heat press is closed.


Alpha Gold Dark can be applied to any color fabric: cotton, poly-cotton blends. They will NOT adhere well to nylon.

Printing: Print normally (not mirrored) with medium quality using the plain paper setting.

Heat Press Instructions: Set your press to 375 degrees for 30 seconds. Peel the image from the paper and place face up how you would like to see it. Cover with inclosed parchment paper and press with medium pressure.

After pressing: Remove Parchment paper at any time. (Some leave the parchment paper on the transfer for transit).

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